The Dirt Dictionary: ‘F’ is for Food Halls (Please Don’t Call It a Food Court!)

Going out for a casual lunch ain’t what it used to be…and that’s good. This is in large part due to the superheated growth of the food hall concept with its diverse offerings and a side of millennial communal interaction. A simple definition in today’s day and age would be: a commercial space with communal seating populated by a variety of curated, high-quality local food purveyors.

While the phenomenon has now gone national, the DNA is more local. Take for example Eataly. Like its European forbearer (Eataly trivia: The first was opened in Turin, Italy, the brainchild of Italian businessman Oscar Farinetti) the American outposts offer a convenient, stylish way to both shop and eat by combining restaurants, artisan products and communal dining spaces under one roof. Chelsea Piers and Gotham West (FYI, a sibling is soon to open in Brooklyn featuring our old friend John Stage of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que fame—he is doing chicken and pizza) further typify the New York phenomenon.

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