Proposed Changes to the Form I-9

On March 27, 2012, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a revision notice on the Federal Register in regard to Form I-9, also known as the Employment Eligibility Verification form. The form has served the purpose of documenting new employees as well as verifying their identity and authorization to work in the United States.  Until a new version is confirmed, employers must continue to use the current version of the form.
The new form is located here: Proposed New I-9 Form
Proposed Changes include: 
  • Form is now two pages instead of one
  • Extended step by step instructions on completing the I-9 form
  • Revised layout including larger text and fields
  • Department of Homeland Security seal at top of form
  • Changes to Section 1:
    • Optional fields to collect employee’s e-mail address and phone number
    • New fields in order to collect employee’s foreign passport number and country of issuance (specified only for those who have completed the I-94 form
    • Preparer/dTranslator instructions altered to “If employee requires assistance to complete Section 1 (eg. the Employee needs the instructions or responses translated, someone other than the Employee fills out the information blocks, or someone with disabilities needs additional assistance)” as opposed to the previous “If employee is unable to complete Section 1 on their own…”
    • Added a 3-D barcode, presumably for government data collection on electronically filed I-9s
  • Changes to Section 2:
    • Top of page two has Employee’s name, in case the two pages are separated
    • Instructions on when to be completed
    • Numbered attestations
  • Changes to Section 3:
    • Section 3, also known as “Updating and Reverification” has now been changed to “Reverification and Rehires”
    • Appears new name should only be used when employee is being re-verified or re-hired, notwhen they get married
  • List of Acceptable Documents
  • New clarified list of unacceptable documents regarding Social Security cards:
    • Not valid for employment
    • Valid for work only with INS Authorization
    • Valid for work only with DHS Authorization

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